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This is the REAL info men need. A no-BS review of the most widely advertised male enhancement pills on the market.

Our staff of reviewers includes medical doctors, industry trade groups, analytical laboratory clinicians, the National Health Federation board members and industry experts. You can use this information to Jumpstart or turbocharge your love life big time!!! Enjoy the reviews and information.

  • VasoZyteA+Rated #1
  • VirasurgeA
  • Primal Force MaxA
  • TestroDreneA
  • Joy ModeA-
  • Prelox BlueB+
  • Herbal VB
  • Redwood - UMZUB
  • ZyrexinB
  • ExtenzeB-
  • Blood Flow-7C
  • EnzyteC
  • Nugenix Total-TC
  • T-HeroC
  • The Alpha Tonicscam
  • Boostaroscam
  • Brazilian Woodscam
  • EndoBoostscam
  • Endo Pumpscam
  • Exuberantscam
  • Green Lumberscam
  • HeSurgescam
  • Insta Hardscam
  • Maasalongscam
  • Naturally Hugescam
  • Red Boostscam
  • Tupi Teascam
  • Volume - Primal Labsscam
VasoZyte product Rated #1


Formula Discovered By Accident

VasoZyte - The male enhancement pill industry has been in a funk for about five years. There have been a few products that raised the bar a bit (Prelux Blue, ViraSurge) to name a few, but there have not been any real major developments to get excited about - that is until in late 2019 when Vasodyne Technologies introduced VasoZyte! This pill is literally a game-changer! Even we were surprised by the results we saw. It's the most exciting product we have ever seen, evaluated or tried in over 25 years of monitoring the pills in the industry.

Dr. Jack Masqueliers mark on health book This book tells the story of the scientific genius Dr. Jack Masquelier, who made this incredible discovery.

If your goal is to get bigger and harder, the kind of bigger that might make your lover gasp when she first sees how big you are or the kind of bigger that might even put the look of fear in her eyes - then this is the pill for you.

Sure, there are many products on the market that use L-Arginine as the focal point of their formula, but VasoZyte is very different because of the one exclusive ingredient they combine with the L-Arginine. It's amazing, as explained below. No, it can't add 2 or 3 inches, as some are saying online. Those are just rumors - pure excitement and exaggerations. Nothing can add 2 or 3 inches or even 1 or 2 inches, but boy oh boy does this stuff work at making you bigger and harder! It gives you your maximum size - size you might not have realized you had, but nothing permanently adds inches despite all those fake and bogus pill and "gummy" ads online claiming to add inches - it's pure nonsense.

Men who have not been able to get it up for years and can't take the little blue or yellow pill have been left out in the cold. Nothing would get the job done for them with any kind of consistency or power - luckily, those days are over. This pill opens up the blood vessels and capillaries leading to your penis like a five lane highway. The nitric oxide comes rushing in like a tidal wave and even men that haven't been hard in a decade are suddenly producing steel pipe hard-ons like they are back in their 20's.

The Formula was Discovered By Accident During Famous Alzheimer's Study!

pine bark polyphenolic extract information

The key to the incredible effectiveness of this product is a unique compound that comes from the South of France. It's called Oligopin. It comes from the bark of a rare pine tree - much like Pycnogenol - the key ingredient in PreLox Blue, which also comes from the bark of a different kind of French pine tree. But Oligopin is significantly more powerful. The makers of VasoZyte have the worldwide exclusive rights to use it - so no other product can duplicate or copy their formula - they have it all locked up. The story behind how this amazing product was created is like the plot of a zany movie from the 80's - it was a total fluke.

A study was being done on Oligopin as a possible treatment for Alzheimer's. Oligopin was being tested because it has shown the ability to get into the tiniest capillaries in the body. They needed a transport compound to open the tiniest blood vessels and capillaries in the brain. But even though it showed promise for Alzheimer's, it wasn't a home run. The study ended, but the men in the study refused to give back the pills. In fact, they all asked for more because they were getting amazing erections. Men who hadn't been hard in years were suddenly getting hard. That's how this was created.

Dr. Dudley Danoff and accolades Dr. Dudley Danoff #1 Rated urologist in USA

Dr. Dudley Danoff - he is the number one rated urologist in America, and was contacted by this company behind the French experiment. Dr. Danoff is known as the "urologist to the stars" because his patients have included such superstars as Frank Sinatra, Muhammad Ali, Johnny Carson, Neil Diamond, Ray Charles, Bill Maher and too many others to list. Dr. Danoff has also written books about men's sexual health. So he put together the formula and has been giving it to clients in Beverly Hills for years now. It has only been available through various urological groups around the country for the last several years and only recently did they increase their production capabilities to allow it to be sold on a larger scale - and it has taken the country by storm.

The only real negative about the pills is the smell. When you open the bottle, the capsules have an odd aroma. They smell strong and pungent. It is believed to be the Oligopin that is extracted at such a high degree, unlike anything the company has ever done, and it creates a powerful odor. Not exactly the most pleasant smelling stuff in the world. But it's a small inconvenience for the unbelievable results it delivers.

VasoZyte trademark application VasoZyte trademark application Dr. Danoff's team started this in 2019. It has been under the radar for several years because it was only distributed through urologists medical offices. Now it is widely available and it's creating a sensation.

Bottom Line:

It's our choice as number one. It's new, cutting edge and extremely powerful. It's driven by the most sophisticated extended-release nitric oxide delivery technology we have ever seen (they call it Rapid Expansion Technology - but that's just a fancy name for delayed and extended release technology).

But perhaps the most compelling evidence of VasoZyte's superiority in the male enhancement category is the feedback from actual users. Customer surveys have consistently ranked VasoZyte as the #1 product in the category since its introduction. It gets our highest marks, and it's our unanimous choice as the Product of the Year. Whether you're 25 or 75, you are going to get some great results with VasoZyte.

ViraSurge product


One of the top formulas of all time

Outstanding product. Formulated by a real doctor. Based on real science. Did great in the lab test, and the results men are reporting are very good. This is the second highest rated product in the country. Many men will be delighted with the results they get from this great product made by the good folks over at Gold Leaf Nutritionals.

Gold Leaf is not some fly-by-night company with a sleazy video filled with false claims and actors pretending to be real customers. No sir. They have been in business in Baltimore for over 15 years.

For many men who can't take or who don't want to take Viagra or Cialis - this supplement is a game changer. Much of the credit for the research and formulation of this product goes to Dr. Scott Olson - an expert in natural health.

Dr. Scott Olson Dr. Scott Olson The top formulator at Gold Leaf Nutrition

The formula is what is known as the clinically proven - Prelox formula. The key to the formula is the dynamic duo of L-Arginine and Pycnogenol. Pycnogenol is a trademarked name of a rare form of French Maritime Pine Bark. This French pine bark is the key! Without this rare form of pine bark and the extraction process that is used to make the pine bark "highly bioavailable" - it wouldn't work. The discovery of this ingredient is credited to a brilliant french scientist, Jacques Masquelier, who discovered this compound and then patented a process to maximize its potency through a four-step extraction process.

VasoZyte, our number one rated product, also owes its success to Masquelier because they, too, use his French maritime pine bark compound - but they also have the "crystal pure extraction process" that Masquelier invented. Only they have it. But Dr. Olsen and his team are not far behind the VasoZyte pill - and, of course, light years ahead of the con men, scammers, and run-of-the-mill male virility pills that dominate the marketplace.

As our number two-rated product, we highly recommend ViraSurge. The only drawback is the high price and, of course, counterfeiters. ViraSurge is expensive - $99 a bottle. You can get it here - from the real manufacturer - Fake bottles are sold on eBay, and we have even seen fakes on Amazon as well. So if you do get it, buy directly from the company itself.

Bottom Line:

Excellent product - real science - real results - real success.

Primal Force Max product

Primal Force Max

Home run - real science produces real results!

This is a fantastic product. Actually, it's a two-product combo from Dr. Al Sears. Al is no joke and knows what he is talking about. He is one of the leading natural product formulators in America, and unlike many of the "quacks" in the field with fake degrees, Al is a bonafide medical doctor specializing in internal medicine. He is also one of America's leading anti-aging experts. He has a list of famous clients who swear by his rock-solid formulas - and these products are another classic example.

When Dr. Sears cites a clinical study - it's the real deal. He is not making up fake studies like so many others do.

Most everyone now knows that nitric oxide production is the key to getting an erection and to also improve your heart health. I know you might not be too interested in your heart health - but the same mechanism that helps produce strong erections also helps keep your heart healthy as well. In fact, E.D. is often the first sign of heart health issues as well. So this can also help your heart as well because good heart health is also about getting nitric oxide into your system to open up the veins and capillaries in your heart - just like it does for your penis - and that's exactly what this two-product combo does.

Dr. Al Sears - the nitric oxide revolution Dr. Al Sears - the nitric oxide revolution

If you look at my top-rated 3 or 4 products, you will see they all focus on nitric oxide (known as N.O.) production. You may have seen or heard about the team of scientists back in the 1990's who won the Nobel Prize for their discovery of Nitric Oxide and the role it plays in heart health and erectile health. These genius scientists (Ferid Murad, Robert F. Furchgott and Louis J. Ignarro) made the discovery that led to the development of Viagra, Cialis and the life-saving heart medication Revaltio - it was all about N.O., which they discovered was the key.

Dr. Sears, who has a clinic down in the Palm Beach area, recommends you take both products. First up there is the Primal Max N.O. Powder. You take a scope of this every day, and it is loaded to the gills with N.O. producing compounds. It contains a whopping 6 grams of L-Arginine. That's 6,000 mg. Compare that to the hyped up nonsense Blood Flow-7, which the lab report shows contains only 95 mg of L-Arginine. What a difference - 6,000 vs 95 ... which do you think will win the battle?

The Primal Max N.O. Powder also contains 1,000 mg of L-Citrulline - so it is in line with the 5 to 1 ratio you look for between L-Arginine and L-Citrulline. In this case, the ratio is actually 6 to 1. The other key ingredient in this is Yohimbe. There is 6 mg of Yohimbe in here. That's high. I think it is actually a little bit too high and will cause some men to feel their heart racing. Zyrexin, for example, works great and only has 2 mg of Yohimbe - so 6 is strong - but some men love it.

The lab test score for both products is rock solid. They would make the High Honor Roll if this were high school. The formula also has healthy doses of Beet juice - which stimulates N.O. production as well ... and it has 1,000 mg of Alpha Ketoglutarate, which helps the L-Arginine produce more N.O.

The best thing about this product - and all the top products - is there is no BS when it comes to what you get. It's a REAL FORMULA - not some BS crap sold by weasels with a slick video. You will feel this working for you. It is healthy for you. It will improve your sexual health, your heart health and therefore your overall health.

The second part of Dr. Sears two-part system is the testosterone booster Primal Max Black. It is a very good testosterone booster. It is not a sensational testosterone booster like TestroDrene or Novex BioTech's GF-9 - but it's a solid double off the left-field wall. The formula, which comes in tablet form, contains 500 mg each of these testosterone boosting ingredients: Fenugreek, Tribulus Extract, and Black Walnut as well as 250 mg of high-grade Epimedium, aka Horny Goat Weed.

Now, you have probably seen many of these ingredients in other products - like all the scam artists products. But there is a HUGE difference here - the ingredients are actually in the pill. It's no marketing BS. The lab score confirms this, and that is why this formula really works. It's not an "earth shattering" formula, but it's quite good. The real champ of the two products is the Primal Max N.O. Boosting Powder - that's great for erectile health and your overall health in general.

Dr. Sears might not be a slick marketer. The only negative is that his products are expensive - this two-bottle-combo is $149 a month - but these products work. I would rather pay a little extra and get the real deal than pay a low price and get screwed with crap that doesn't work. If you have the money, it is a wise investment in your overall health and your sexual health especially.

At the end of the day, this is the second best formula I have ever seen. It's stronger than the Prelox Blue blend touted by Dr. Steven Lamm - the outstanding head of NYU's Langone Medical Center and a sexual health expert, and it's better than all the other top products like ViraSurge and UMZU's Redwood and even my Zyrexin and it's light years ahead of the original Herbal V. It clearly earns its second place standing and is only surpassed by the superstar VasoZyte. But that's nothing to feel bad about. It's like being the second best player in the NBA when Michael Jordan was playing ... pretty hard to beat him, even if you're an All Star. Dr. Sears two-product-combo is a definite winner. Way to go, Doc!

Bottom Line:

Outstanding product combo that really works. No surprise that one of the leaders of the industry put together this outstanding product combo and top-notch ingredients.

TestroDrene product


Even I was Shocked by the results!

Blockbuster Testosterone Booster! Explodes 42% in only 12 Days!

I have decided to include a review on this fantastic testosterone-boosting product because so many men over the age of 50 - like myself - are also looking for a way to supercharge their testosterone, in addition to bringing back the bedroom magic. Replenishing your testosterone is exactly what this pill does.

It's not advertised as a sex pill - even though it improves your sex life.

It is advertised as a testosterone booster for men over the age of 50. If you're a young guy in your 30s or even 40s - don't waste your money here - it will only make a marginal difference. But if you're over 50 or 60 like me - this stuff is the Golden Ticket!

You only take these bright yellow capsules for 21 days, and then you have to stop for a week, and then start up again. That's how strong these pills work. Three weeks on and one week off. TestroDrene brings back your testosterone like a tidal wave of pure manhood.

The clinical study validating this formula shows it raises your testosterone levels by 42% in only 12 days - which I thought sounded like BS when I first read the study - but when I saw who did the study, and the way it was received and praised in the legitimate medical community, I knew it was the real deal - that is why I have included this review here.

The formula is identical to a famous study done in Italy that has been hailed as the most impressive published study in the world documenting a natural formula that truly raises testosterone levels. With all the nonsense on the market and false claims of natural pills magically raising testosterone levels fast and easy - most of which is just as much BS as the garbage sold in the ED pill market, this formula stands out ... and it's all because of real science proof. Double-blind, placebo-controlled studies don't lie.

The formula is 3,000 mg of D-Aspartic Acid, 1,500 mg of L-Critulline, 30 mg of Zinc and 140 mg of high-potency Stinging Nettle. The lab test shows you get EXACTLY what is on the label. The formula is not patent protected, and anyone can copy it - but none of the other products trying to duplicate this amazing formula can pass the lab test - they all cheat.

With all the nonsense on the shelves at GNC and fake ads for weak "dog shit" testosterone boosters all over Amazon, FaceBook, and Instagram, this information right here alone will save you all the time and effort of trying to find a pill that works. Remember, men lose 1- 2 % of their testosterone EACH YEAR starting at age 30 ... so by the time you are 60, you can be down as much as 60%.

Bottom Line:

If you want to see your testosterone go up like a rocket ship - this is all you need. Not drugs, no Andro jell, no pellets, and no Low T Center shots - just a natural formula that works like Gang Busters!

Scientific Dynamic Duo Team Creates a Winner!

Joy Mode

Scientific "Dynamic Duo" Team Creates a Winner!

One of the newer products on the market - and it's a winner! It's not a pill. Not a liquid. It's a powdered formula that is sold in individual serving sizes. You get 10 packets for $50. Some say this is expensive - but this company isn't fooling around - like all the top products, they use outstanding ingredients. This isn't the cheap watered-down herbs that all the crooks sell - this is good stuff. It's smarter to pay a little more and get something that works than pay peanuts but get crap that will never work. This stuff is a very good deal.

Bill Lagakos Bill Lagakos

This Sexual Performance Booster formula is made up of BIG doses of a proprietary form L-Arginine (2.5 grams) called NO3-T , L-Citrulline (4 grams) and Panax Ginseng Root. This is an excellent formula. Plus, they toss in 111 mg of Vitamin C because Vitamin C helps with the absorption to make the formula work better.

This is a smart formula. All the top products - every one of them VasoZyte, ViraSure, Primal Force, Prelox Blue - each one of these products has a top doctor or research team that created the formula. In this case the formulation team is Bill Lagakos, who has a Ph.D. in biochemistry, and Eric Trexler, who got his Ph.D. from the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill - (that's where Michael Jordan played college ball!).

Eric Trexler Eric Trexler

The lab test score on JoyMode matched up exactly with what they claim is in the formula - so there is no BS here - just a smartly designed product that works.

The team of Lagakos and Trexler is the real deal, and the results men get are the proof. Their names should be on the same level as industry giants Dr. Danoff, Dr. Sears, Dr. Lamm and Dr. Olson. So while companies like Green Lumber cheat by sneaking dangerous prescription drugs into their pills, and while the con men with their long videos lie and cheat you with crap products like Tupi Tea and Insta Hard, the guys behind JoyMode come right out of the gate with a winning product based upon real science. JoyMode is a great product that will have you jumping for Joy!

Bottom Line:

This "Dynamic Duo" have created a real winner!

Prelox Blue product

Prelox Blue

This a very good product. We have it rated #6 in the world right now - not too shabby!

Before looking at the formula all you really need to know is who is the researcher or medical professional "behind" the product - they will speak volumes. In this case it is one of the most respected men's health experts in America - perhaps the world. Dr. Steven Lamm is the the medical director of New York University Langone's Preston Robert Tisch Center for Men's Health. That is one of the top three men's health centers in the country. Dr. Lamm is an internist who specializes in men's health.

He has written several books on mens health, including the New York Times Best Seller "The Hardness Factor" - all about how to get hard naturally and bring back your "mojo" with the use of Viagra or Cialis.

Dr. Lamm is second only to Dr. Danoff in the area of men's health. And just like Dr. Danoff's pill, this Prelox Blue is centered around nitric oxide production with the compounds L-Arginine, L-Citrulline and a French pine bark - in this case that pine bark is Pycnogenol.

Dr. Steven Lamm

Like Oligopin, (the incredible catalyst in the VasoZyte formula) Pycnogenol is also from the French Riveria - but it has a slightly different molecular structure than Oligopin. Plus, this French pine bark does not go through the patented four-step process that only Oligopin does. However, it is still an excellent product that can get you the results you are looking for. It will just take longer and won't be as dramatic - but it can still do an all-star job for you. Dr. Lamm actually gives Prelox Blue to many of his patients at his practice.

Another significant benefit of these "super nitric oxide release products" is the benefit to your overall health - especially your heart health. The vascular benefits alone are why some men take these pills. Some men still prefer Viagra over natural pills, but they also take Prelox Blue or VasoZyte to make their erections even better - but to also protect their vascular system.

Bottom Line:

At the end of the day this is a tremendous product with proven benefits for both sexual and vascular health. It got an excellent lab test score - what they say is in the pills is exactly what you get - there is no funny business here. Great product!

Herbal V product

Herbal V

The Shot heard around the world! The pill that started it all!

Back in 1998, I was the first person in America to come out with an alternative to Viagra. The product was called Herbal V. The original formula was fantastic. It contained the ingredient Androstenedione, known as "Andro" for short. This was a hormone that made your testosterone skyrocket fast and got you as hard as a Louisville Slugger. Men who couldn't get hard were able to get hard and perform again like they were in their 30's. We had full-page ads everywhere - from Playboy and Penthouse to Car and Driver to Popular Mechanics, and all the muscle magazines - over 50 magazines. Plus, we were all over TV and radio. The Herbal V pill was great. Sales exploded!

Herbal V - Super Sex Pill article

We sold over 15 million bottles. It was the biggest seller in the history of GNC (until Kim Kardashian came along and endorsed some diet product - haha).

But Andro was outlawed - it was classified as a steroid, and we had to change the formula. After that, the pill, of course, was never the same and I eventually discontinued the product after we got the exclusive rights to a rare form of Butea Superba, and an extraction process from an award-winning scientist from Chulalongkorn University in Thailand. Butea Superba is a natural PDE-5 inhibitor and works to give men an erection fast. So, with the rights to this compound, I created the product Zyrexin, which is the number one selling, on-demand, men's sex pill in history, with over 3 billion pills sold and counting. It is currently sold at over 30,000 retail stores around the world, including every Walgreens, CVS, Rite Aid, and others where it is the best seller. You can see the Zyrexin review here on this page.

I am including this review of Herbal V and a TV news story that was done on Herbal V, where I was interviewed back in 1999, to show you that I have been in this business a very long time and know what I am talking about. All the other product review sites I have read online are fake - literally every one. The only review of men's products I ever read that was honest and informative was The Sports Supplements Review Guide by Bill Phillips, the founder of Muscle Media 2000 magazine, author of Body For Life and the founder of the sensational supplement company EAS - Experimental and Applied Sciences. Bill was super smart, a no-bull-shit guy ... very funny, and extremely informative - plus, he created some tremendous supplement products and steered a lot of men and women in the right direction with his knowledge and product reviews that helped them avoid all the muscle pill scams that dominated the market.

My TV interview from 1999 for Herbal V Blockbuster pill

Bottom Line:

The original natural alternative to Viagra replaced by today's new super formulas that work better.

Redwood product

Redwood from UMZU

Duke chemistry major mixes up a winner!

This is a rock-solid formula that got an excellent lab test score. The company behind RedWood is one of the better supplement companies in America. Founded by Duke graduate and master formulator Christopher Walker. Walker and his team put together this excellent formula that is centered around increasing nitric oxide, which has been proven to work - if you have top-notch ingredients like this product.

Founder Christopher Walker holding UMZU Redwood bottle Not all these companies are scams. There are a dozen or so "good guys" in this industry and here is one of them. Christopher Walker is the creator of RedWood - a very good product. He is a graduate of Duke and the founder of the company UMZU.

The formula features the amazing French compound - Maritime Pine Bark, which has been clinically proven to produce strong, hard erections.

This formula has a nice 100 mg Maritime Pine Bark along with 250 mg of high-quality Horse Chestnut - another solid ingredient.

And the formula also scores points with 1,000 MG of Vitamin C, which dramatically improves the absorption of the formula - smart feature.

Bottom Line:

This is a well-designed formula with top-notch ingredients that can help many men. A Top 5 product - thanks to the researcher from Duke.

Zyrexin product


1 Billion pills sold ...Works great ...But doesn't crack the Top 3

zyrexin - super pill banner

This product is sold in CVS, Walgreens, Rite Aid and other stores across the country. It has been around since 2005 and has sold over 1 billion pills - that's billion with a B. The key ingredient is yohimbe - which is the closest compound in nature to Viagra.

zyrexin - super pill banner

Some men don't like it as they say it makes them jittery. Most men love it. It is an "on-demand" sex pill, meaning you take it only when you want to have sex.

Most of the pills reviewed you take daily, and they take a week or two to start working after they build up in your system. But Zyrexin, you take it, and 30-45 minutes later - boom you're ready to go.

Yohimbe is outlawed in Canada, so you can't get it there. You can get it at any Walgreens or CVS. They haven't sold over a billion pills because it doesn't work - it's the real deal.

Bottom Line:

Still works great!

Extenze product


Reliable standby still delivers a base hit!

Like Zyrexin, this pill is sold in just about every Walgreens, CVS, Rite Aide and Walmart in America. It's a decent pill - not great - but not a scam or fraud like so many on the market. It's formula is still based on old technology that was cutting-edge 15 years ago, but has been surpassed by the new super pills and their targeted release technology, which is dynamite.

Extenze - Jimmy Johnson
Extenze - Jimmy Johnson

You may have seen their TV ads featuring legendary Dallas Cowboys and Miami Hurricane's football coach - the great Jimmy Johnson. The ads featuring Coach Johnson were always clever and funny - and the product was, for that time period - pretty decent.

Extenze - black packaging

You can still use it in a pinch, but you are better off with Zyrexin if you are at a store - or if time isn't a factor, get VasoZyte, ViraSurge, Primal Force Max or any of the others in our Top 5.

Extenze - black packaging Extenze - liquid packaging
Extenze - liquid packaging

Extenze Extended Release ... aka "Extenze Black", is definitely better than the original - like 25% better - so pick that one over the original. Their liquid shot is more of a gimmick that only seems to work with young guys under 35 - most men over 50 give it a thumbs down.

Bottom Line:

One of the original pioneers of the industry can still hold its own and gives decent results.

Blood Flow-7 product

Blood Flow-7

Close ... but no cigar!

Lab reports don't lie!!! You will find this very interesting. People ask me why I spend so much money doing lab reports on all these pills. A lab report analysis costs me close to $2,000 per product. I've spent hundreds of thousands of dollars testing these male virility pills along with prostate pills. But it is worth every single penny - as you will see here with Blood Flow-7.

The company behind this product - Juvenon, has been around a long time. I remember their anti-aging product from back in 2005 - it's now off the market.

What does that tell you? But with this Blood Flow-7, they tout the importance of L-Arginine and L-Citrulline for nitric oxide release, which leads to better blood flow and better erections. They are 100% correct. The number of scientific studies validating this could fill a warehouse. But these guys play some dirty tricks with their formula. Let me explain:

On their label, they list a three-ingredient blend called - Nitric Oxide Precursor Blend. It is 1,080 MG. The three ingredients are: L-Citrulline, L-Arginine HCI, and a proprietary blend of L-Glutathione called Setria. These are three fantastic ingredients. All great for your overall health and especially good for the health of your little buddy.

The lab test reveals these amounts found in each serving:

  • L-Citrulline - 905 mg
  • L-Arginine HCI - 135 mg
  • L-Glutathione - 44 mg

These amounts are terrible. There is supposed to be a 5 to 1 ratio of L-Arginine to L-Citrulline to be effective. In other words, for every 100 mg of L-Citrulline, there should be 500 mg of L-Arginine. And these little levels are a joke. 135 mg of L-Arginine is baby shit. They load up their formula with 905 mg of L-Citrulline because it's the cheapest amino acid there is, and then they hide how much is in each dose by lumping these three ingredients together into a "proprietary blend" so you can't tell how much of each you get - unless of course, you spend $2,000 on a lab test like I did for you!

Worst of all, the 44 mg of Setria. This is a total joke. Sertia is a fantastic blend of L-Glutathione, and their clinical studies show you need 250 mg of Sertia to match the clinical study. So they pretend they have this super, clinically proven ingredient in the pills - but they trick you and rip you off by putting in only about 20 percent of what they are supposed to. The makers of Setria don't allow companies to use less than the 250 mg dose. The Blood Flow-7 guys are sleazy.

Their marketing is a fraud. They have an actor in their ads in a white lab coat with a stethoscope around his neck - like he's a doctor recommending this Blood Flow-7 nonsense - but he is not a doctor. He is an actor named Tom Mustin. In fact, Tom used to be a news anchor in Denver - now he's taking money to lie for the clowns over at Juvenon, helping them deceive men like you and me interested in improving our sex life.

actor Tom Mustin actor Tom Mustin

Plus, two other bozos that give video testimonials in the Blood Flow-7 ads all over Facebook are also paid actors - and they are the same actors used by the con men at Green Lumber and the stone cold crooks over at Alpha Tonic. Look at the pictures here below and you will see the same two guys - Hassan Omar and Steve Gilberg - they give fake testimonials for this crap, and they give fake testimonials for the other two crap products as well. What a joke this place is.

actor Steve Gilberg actor Steve Gilberg actor Hassan Omar actor Hassan Omar

Bottom Line:

This formula is better than all the super scammers who give you nothing but powder. This formula is actually decent - but they use tricks - they could have made a much better product.

Enzyte product


25-Year Prison Sentence for Smiling Bob!

Remember the Smiling Bob TV ads? They were pretty funny, featuring goofy-looking Bob, who was suddenly a big "lady's man" thanks to the male enhancement pill Enzyte. The "Bob ads" are gone, but the pills are still around and they are actually pretty decent. A rock-solid B. That's why they still sell in many major stores around the country.

The Enzyte formula was very similar to Extenze - in fact, Extenze basically copied the Enzyte formula and added a few additional ingredients.

They are both pretty good - especially when compared to all the frauds on the market now - just read about these phony pill scams flooding the internet and my review of them here on this page.

Enzyte creator Steve Warshak got in a lot of trouble - as in a 25-year prison sentence trouble - see the story below for a few years ago. He got such a harsh prison sentence for a young guy, and what he was doing was not nearly as bad as many of the penis pill scams reviewed here on this page. If I were the guys behind these MEGA SCAMS of today ... I would get out of business ASAP and stop scamming people, or they might end up "walking the track" for 25 years, too!

FBI leads Enzyte raid
Nugenix Total-T product

Nugenix Total-T

Free trial scam artists in a fancy package

This is the product advertised all over TV with baseball superstar Frank Thomas and Heisman Trophy winner Doug Flutie. The commercials are the best thing about this product. Everyone likes Flutie and Thomas, but many men complain about this product, which has been on the market for years.

The pills are sold via a "free trial" bottle. You go their website and see if you "qualify" for their free trial bottle. Everyone qualifies. It's just a marketing gimmick.

They charge you like $5.99 for this "free trial bottle", and then they whack your credit card a few weeks later for like $70 bucks for another bottle. The marketing practices are super sleazy. Tons of men complain about this practice.

But what about the actual formula? The ingredient the company touts as their secret is a proprietary ingredient called Testofen. It's a blend of Fenugreek Extract. Nugenix gets it from a company called Gencor Pacific. Many other products also contain Testofen. Plenty of products that have Testofen as their main ingredient are no longer on the market. They went out of business because men complained the pills didn't work. But those companies were not the slick and deceptive marketers that the Nugenix company is.

Testofen has one study - literally just one study that supposedly shows it works at boosting testosterone and sex drive. The study was done in Australia. The study was sponsored by ... you guessed it ... Gencor Pacific. What does that tell you? Overseas study. Hard for American authorities to verify and validate the overseas study. The company pays for the study ... and BINGO ... the study produces incredible results ... come on, it's BS.

At the end of the day, this is a slick marketing operation with like no real customer video testimonials - like zippo - despite millions of bottles sold. Nugenix is not much of an erection booster at all. It might help boost your testosterone - but it's not bedroom magic.

Bottom Line:

Might help your testosterone, but that's about it!

T-Hero product


Like a good opening act at a concert - think J Giles or the Black Crowes

This is a solid new product that is aimed at boosting testosterone as well as sexual performance. There are two key ingredients in the formula that power this decent product. Those ingredients are Ashwagandha and Shilajit. Both of these two ingredients have been hyped all over the Internet as "the next big thing" but it's more hype than substance.

These ingredients, despite some high-profile clinical studies hyped in advertisements all over ... these "real world" results are not even close to what the ads claim. Kind of like a first-round draft pick that doesn't become an All pro, but does play in the league for six or seven years and has a solid career - but not a superstar.

This formula is decent - some men will get solid results, but it's not in the same league as the top products that dominate the market. But not a scam or a rip off - a solid product that can help.

Bottom Line:

Decent - some men might get solid results.

The Alpha Tonic product scam

The Alpha Tonic

You'll get better results with a gin & tonic

This is a heavily advertised FRAUD. The people responsible for this fraud ought to be sitting in a prison cell. The product is a worthless bottle of crap that is sold to you via a long fraudulent video filled with lies. Let's take a look at this scam.

This video claims to be the remarkable story of a man named Michael Bonner. He says he is 54 years old, lives near Rice Lake, Wisconsin and has been married to his wife named Monica for almost 30 years. He claims his heart stopped, and he almost died taking "the little blue pill".

But guess what? It's all a total lie. There is no Michael Bonner - it has all been made up - just a total fraud. The entire story is totally made up - pure fraud.

actor Michael A. Nettles actor Michael A. Nettles

The man in the video claiming to be Michael Bonner is a low-level actor named Michael A. Nettles. See the proof below. And the video featured 4 men all claiming to have used this "potent tonic supposed from the Himalayan Mountains and used by the longest living men on earth" It's total bullshit, of course. The four men are all low-level paid actors who lie to you, pretending to be real customers. These four guys appear in ads for other frauds.

actor Steve Gilberg actor Steve Gilberg

Timothy B. age 59, from Nashua, New Hampshire - fake - his real name is Steve Gilberg. He is all over the internet doing fake videos for everything from Hims ED pills to those BS Green Lumber ED Pills ... and you will also see here on this page he also did fake testimonials for The Alpha Tonic - another scam.

actor Mark Morley actor Mark Morley
video placeholder

Michael R. Age 64, from Augusta, Georgia - fake - his real name is Mark Morley. I actually found his video audition for this fake testimonial!

actor Gary Hubbard actor Gary Hubbard

John V. Age 61, from Elko, Nevada - fake - his real name is Gary Hubbard. A guy who advertises fake testimonials on Fiverr for $35. This dirtball appears as a fake testimonial for many other fraud products as well ... he will help them rip you off for a lousy $35. You can even check out his website here:

actor Hassan Omar actor Hassan Omar

Robert W. Age 51, from Topeka, Kansas - fake - his real name is Hassan Omar, another LA-based bottom-feeder actor.

Here is the proof that they are all frauds. I think it is important to call out these pieces of shit who take a few hundred bucks to lie to men like you. It's important to expose these low-lifes and to show you that this product is a total FRAUD. The entire video - literally every word is a made-up lie.

He claims he is a government researcher that has access to unpublished government research that Big Pharma pays to keep hidden. He tells the preposterous tale of how he got the phone number of some foreign doctor. "Fake Mike" claims to have called this fake doctor - a doctor identified as Dr. Prasad. And "Fake Mike" got the name of "Fake Dr. Prasad" from yet another Fake "Maverick Doctor" who had the guts to reveal this potent tonic to the public. Then later in the video, Fake Mike claims to have worked with Dr. Klaus Nilsen - a famous medical researcher from Sweden who has worked for superstars for decades. But here again, it's a lie. The doctor is a fake. there is no Dr. Klaus Nilsen.

The video is filled with fake science, and it totally lies about and misrepresents scientific studies to make it sound like they know what they are talking about. Fake Mike reels off a long list of scientific studies that boost your testosterone, energy and sex drive. They promise that

They sell a bottle of this worthless crap for $69. They really push the six-bottle supply trying to get $234 out of you, and if you get suckered into buying this, then they try and sell you even more of this crap with a "one time only" half-price discount. But if you got fooled by this video and bought this crap ... don't feel bad. It's NOT YOUR FAULT. Hundreds of thousands of men have been fooled by this slick scam. In fact, one of the things that makes me feel all my research is worth it is getting emails from men who have been ripped off by the con men and use my information to get their money back, and then start enjoying success when they learn which products really work.

If you were ripped off by these CROOKS - try and get your money back - or send me an email, and I'll get you updated information as it comes in that can help you get your money back.

The laboratory test showed these ingredients were just as big a fraud as the video - it literally scored ZEROS across the board in everything that we tested. So the video is a lie, and the product is basically worthless powder - now do you understand why I say these guys ought to be sitting in a prison cell? They are not much different than Bernie Madoff!

Bottom Line:

The video selling this crap is all a lie, and the lab test shows the product is basically dust in a jar - hard pass!

Boostaro product scam


The tomato powder pill scam

One of the slickest scams in America. A completely fraudulent male enhancement pill that will do nothing for you. This bottle of bull **** is advertised all over Facebook, Instagram and news sites all over the world. The ads feature pretty girls and promise to end any kind of erectile problems with a "breakthrough new penis hardening 5 second hack". It's all total nonsense.

Lab report shows that the pills are a total scam. The pills are literally just tomato powder in a capsule!

As you will see, it does not even contain 1 mg of Protodiocins or Saponins, the two markers tested to determine an E.D. pills potency. But instead, was just worthless tomato powder! Not even 1 single milligram of Protodiocins or Saponins! Compare this to the top products that have scores of over 100 - 150 milligrams.

This mega scam is sold via a long video. Long videos are the new weapon of choice for the con men of America. This video is a doozy. It's filled with more lies than a politician's speech. And the phony story the video spins is something that even the writers of The 3 Stooges or My Favorite Martian would see as too preposterous to be taken seriously - but it is, and it has helped the crooks behind Boostero fleece millions of dollars from hard-working men who didn't know they were being lied to.

Actor - Randy Thomas

The fake video tells the made-up story of Tom Brandford, who after 22 years of marriage, could no longer get an erection. He and his wife went without sex for over a year because of his E.D. problems. Then, one night his fictitious wife Denise started talking in her sleep and cried out another man's name - Mark. Tom then woke her up, they started arguing, and Tom grabbed his gun and claimed to try to blow his brains out. But miraculously, he missed.

So after almost blowing his brains out like DeNiro in The Deer Hunter, Tom makes it his mission to find a natural cure for Erectile Dysfunction. The video then goes on to tell the fake story of how he worked for the government in the Health and Human Services Department and has access to secret studies and unpublished papers from Big Pharma. He then claims he found a study on how a collection of hackneyed run-of-the-mill herbs was discovered to end men's erectile problems by Big Pharma, but they kept the study hidden from public view because they could lose billions in Viagra sales if this info ever got out. It's a completely made-up lie and total nonsense. The story of Santa Claus and Rudolf The Red Nosed Reindeer is more believable.

After you become a customer of Boostero, the scamming never stops. You will get bombarded with daily emails from the fake Tom Brandford offering new miracle cures on everything from toothpaste (that does what? Make it sound ridiculous) to vision pills and miracle hair growth pills. Just another constant conveyor belt of fraud coming at you, run by a bunch of low-level crooks who hawk the most ridiculous fake stories to dupe well-meaning hard-working men. If you bought these worthless pills - try and get your money back ASAP before the Feds shut this scam down and they start another scam under a new name.

BUSTED! All Their Fake Testimonials EXPOSED!!!

video placeholder
Click to watch and see how the Scam Artists lie to you ... but you can't fool the Chris Hansen Investigative Team!!

Bottom Line:

Another complete scam to be avoided at all costs.

Brazilian Wood product scam

Brazilian Wood

Elephant Men Gone Wild!

A massive scam that has stolen millions from men with their fraudulent video presentation filled with one story so preposterous that it would make a plot of an episode of Scooby Doo seem like The Godfather. It's insane. It's the story of a fake researcher named Gary Weber, from Sheboygan, Wisconsin, who among other things, claims he was one of the original researchers who discovered the root cause of Alzheimer's and also discovered how to grow stem cells in humans and saved tens of thousands of lives.

None of this of course is true. It's just the criminals behind this massive fraud trying to create credibility with the audience in an effort to trick them out of their money with these blatant lies.

It's supposed to be some secret formula used by "The Elephant Men of the Amazon" to get hard. The video claims "Gary from Sheboygen" flew to South America and traveled deep into the Amazon Forest and found these so-called "Elephant Men" with the help of a local guide/interpreter and that the leader of these "Elephant Men" heard Gary's story - in some hut in the middle of the Amazon, and then gave him this magic formula that enabled him to get erections again.

Sound plausible? Of course not. It's so ridiculous that it sounds like a plot from an episode of Gilligan's Island starring Wrong Way Feldman.

doctor's erection muscle trick takes you from limp to hard as a rock in seven seconds Antonio Scrappenetti It's all a scam. UCLA officials have confirmed there is no such study and that Brazilian Wood is a fraud. Here is the criminal mastermind behind this scam. Antonio Scrappenetti. He's now a fugitive believed to be hiding out in Panama. He stole millions with this scam.
doctor's erection muscle trick takes you from limp to hard as a rock in seven seconds Antonio Scrappenetti It's all a scam. UCLA officials have confirmed there is no such study and that Brazilian Wood is a fraud. Here is the criminal mastermind behind this scam. Antonio Scrappenetti. He's now a fugitive believed to be hiding out in Panama. He stole millions with this scam..

The formula, of course, is an absolute joke. Just the same old worthless crap the con men have been selling for years. We tested this nonsense in the laboratory, and, of course, the test results showed that pills are nothing more than worthless powder. There is no Gary Weber. The man identified on the video as Gary Weber is an actor from a stock video that these crooks got for under $25 on the website - see below.

Google stock video - Gary Weber

Brazilian Wood has a massive refund rate - men do not re-order this junk - they are all screaming for their money back once they realize the pills are worthless. If you ordered this, I would try and get your money back as fast as possible. This product will shut down soon and will no longer be available as Scrappenetti and his crew will just create another bogus male enhancement product and do the same thing over and over and over - they call these operations ... "Smash and Grab Supplement Scams" because they smash and grab men's money with a big lie and fake pills, and then when the FBI and Feds start sniffing around, they just close up, move to a new location and open a new scam.

Bottom Line:

One of the great frauds of the last decade. Avoid at all costs. Wish these guys and the other con men were in prison and not living in mansions in other countries with the money they stole from men in America and Canada.

Endoboost product scam


The Gang that Couldn't Shoot Straight!

This is an "add inches to your penis" scam that is a total waste of time and money.

It's from a group of fraudsters from the sleazy affiliate company at ShipOffers in Aurora, Colorado. It's similar to all the other E.D. pill frauds that use a long video to sell their product. Frauds like Insta Hard, Tupi Tea, Endo Pump, Alpha Tonic, Boostaro and many others. This one is slightly different in that it actually promises to add inches to the length of your penis - which is impossible, or we would all have 10-inch Schlongs.

The lab test for EndoBoost shows it is a total scam. Literally, they got the lowest score possible. The formula is the same old junk all the fraudsters sell - Hawthorn Berry, powdered Tribulus, Epimedium aka Horny Goat Weed, Tongkat Ali, etc. All the usual suspects that never work. A complete waste of time, and at $69 a bottle, it's a scam that would have made Bernie Madoff proud.

The video "story" behind this fraud is the alleged tale of a medical researcher named Ethan Cox, who claims he owned a top lab. A lab he never names. He had a party at his lab one night to celebrate a new customer, and Ethan saw his wife dancing too close with Joe, a young delivery driver. When Ethan tells Joe, "Hey, that's not how you dance with another man's wife" - Ethan's wife says in front of everyone ... "you call yourself a man ... you haven't been hard in a year". Nice girl.

This humiliating incident forces Ethan to find the solution for a limp noodle for the world. Enter Greek mystery man, urologist Andreas Pappa, who just happens to be at this "lab party" that night - wow, isn't that incredible?!! Anyway, as I'm sure you know ... it's all bull shit. There is no Greek urologist - it's just another part of this fake story designed to steal money from you.

Anyway, it's all bull shit. There is no Ethan Cox. Our detectives have found Ethan is really an actor named Andy who advertises his services on the website Fiverr. You can hire him for as little at $60 to say anything you want.

Fake actor: Ethan Cox Fake actor: Ethan Cox

But perhaps the phoniest part of this video is the fake testimonial from a fellow who says he is from Mobile, Alabama. He is not from Alabama - he is an actor named Lou from Australia. He has an Australian accent thicker than Crocodile Dundee ... and yet these EndoBoost clowns want you to think he lives in Alabama - He doesn't sound like the crew from the great Lynyrd Skynyrd, or anyone else from Alabama - total fraud, of course.

Fake Fiverr actor Fake Fiverr actor

Bottom Line:

This product will not help you one bit. A scam to be avoided, like swarm of hornets.

Endo Pump product scam

Endo Pump

The Bernie Madoff of Men's Pills!

This is another MEGA SCAM from the crooks behind such frauds as Insta Hard, Tupi Tea and Gorilla Flow. The "Offshore Scammers" Andrew Contreras and Julian "Reyes" Epstein have added this bottle of Fairy Dust as the latest edition in a long line of E.D. pill frauds to from their never-ending conveyer belt of super scams.

For more on these clowns, you can see the review of the other products mentioned above.

This one follows their paint-by-the-numbers scam blueprint: Create a long video with a preposterous story of some secret virility formula hidden in the Amazon that is accidentally discovered by a made-up regular guy here in America who will be the hero as he brings it to America despite all the forces working against him.

The hero then figures out a way to get the fake miracle product made in the USA and to avoid the hitmen at Big Pharma who are out to shut him down and prevent the world from knowing about this secret formula because it would cost Big Pharma billions ... it's comical ... literally like a cartoon for adults ... pure "Fantasy Land", as Rodney Dangerfield said as Thornton Melon in Back to School! I wish my old buddy Rodney were here to make fun of these crooks!

con men on the run poster The con men behind this scam and other scams are the subject of a new documentary coming out exposing the frauds in the supplement industry. This product is being featured as a massive scam.

He then offers to sell this bottle of bull shit at only $69 a bottle - even though these dirt balls get these worthless Endo Pump bottles made for $2 to $3 a bottle from slimy pill maker Ash Abbas at his worthless pill manufacturing plant in Akron, Ohio called Jet Pack. No one has shipped more worthless men's pills than anyone else in the entire world than Abbas and his team of flim-flam artists.

If you bought this junk - which many men did - don't feel bad - it's not your fault that you were scammed - these guys are professional con men. For more on these creeps, see the Insta Hard review.

Bottom Line:

Worthless product from the King Kong of scammers.

Exuberant product scam


Welcome to Fake Dr Holly's Travelin' Fraud Parade!

Another scam. Total fraud. This bottle of garbage is sold via a long video featuring a female doctor named Holly Lucille. She is NOT a medical doctor. She is not an MD. She can't even prescribe medicine like Viagra. She is a well-known huckster that has endorsed and promoted all kinds of worthless snake oil over the years.

Just look at some of the ads below from national newspapers where she hypes and lies about bogus products like: OxiTrim and Burn Away and CellTrim.

And Exhuberant isn't the first sex pill she has hyped - she endorsed a fraud called VioTren.

Article on Dr. Holly Lucille, ND - How To Improve Eyesight Fake Dr. Holly heals the blind with a pill

Plus, a quick glance around the internet, and you will see her lying her ass off, talking about vision cures and all kinds of other BS as the paid stooge for some of America's biggest con men. She is their paid "medical puppet", as she is called by insiders.

Article on Dr. Holly Lucille, ND - say goodbye to dull and lifeless hair Fake Dr. Holly fixes baldness with a pill - you'll grow hair like a Chia Pet with her fake miracle pill.

All the products she endorsed ... every single one ... were ALL massive scams. She was the paid puppet, quasi-medical expert used to trick people. All the companies she worked with as this medical fraud closed and went out of business once they had ripped off enough people. They simply stole people's money and went out of business. That is exactly what is happening here with this terrible product Exuberant.

Exhuberant is no different. This fraud will go out of business because no one is re-ordering this crap because the pills don't work. Just look at the lab test - it shows it to be nothing more than worthless tomato powder in a capsule.

If you watch this long video used to promote this bottle of snake oil, Fake Medical Doctor Holly tells lie after lie. She reads the crooked script written by the con men and answers questions presented to her by her meatball co-host of the video, Art McDermott. Phony host, "Meatball McDermott", introduces himself as a five-time NCAA track All-American. He was a shotput champ at Boston College back in the 80's. Sad that he now appears in this fraud ripping off hard-working men and using his shot put trophies as "believability currency" to push a massive fraud on hard-working men who helped build this country.

Article on Dr. Holly Lucille, ND - New Celebrity Diet Pill Now Has Doctor Approval

The video it is filled with lie after lie and fake science. Example. As she describes the ingredients of what she calls her Alpha Protocol, which is just a bull shit name that the crooked writers of this fraudulent video think will sound impressive and scientific to you - it means NOTHING - while talking about this Alpha Protocol nonsense, she talks about an Italian study on D-Aspartic Acid and L-Citrulline. The study is real. In the study, men saw their testosterone skyrocket by 42% in just 12 days.

Article on Dr. Holly Lucille, ND - How To Improve Eyesight Fake Dr. Holly heals the blind with a pill
Article on Dr. Holly Lucille, ND - New Celebrity Diet Pill Now Has Doctor Approval
Clipped newspaper article with quote from Dr. Holly Lucille, ND

HOWEVER, this little bottle of Bull Shit called Exuberant doesn't contain ANY D-Aspartic Acid - ZIPPO, let alone the 3,000 mg used in the famous Italian study. In fact, the entire worthless Exuberant formula is only 1,350 mg total. And of course, when we had the formula tested in a laboratory to see if what they claim on the bottle label matches what is really in the pills, the lab test report showed that the ingredients listed on the label are NOT what are in the pill - NOT EVEN CLOSE - just more fraud, as the lab test shows the ingredients to be little more than worthless powder.

But back to the Italian study, because it was a great study, and by the way you can get the exact formula used in the Italian study from other products - but not this fraud. In the study, men took 1,500 mg of L-Citrulline along with the 3,000 mg of D-Aspartic Acid. So that is 4,500 mg of ingredients. Again, this product has only 1,350 mg of ingredients, and they are not even close to being the same ingredients as the study. But Fake Doctor Holly talks about the remarkable results of this study as if that is what is in this product - it's not. Not even close.

Clipped newspaper article with quote from Dr. Holly Lucille, ND
C5 do's and don'ts to improve liver function Fake Dr. Holly says the key to weight loss is her liver pill. She loves fake weight loss pills

She also talks about a magic ingredient called Ying Yang Huo. She talks about it like it is some long lost secret herb never used in any American products before. More bull shit. Ying Yang Huo is the Chinese name for Horny Goat Weed. It is also known as Epimedium. Practically every sex pill going back to 1998 has had Horny Goat Weed in their pills. This is nothing new, and the lab test shows that it contains less than 1 mg ... yes, less than 1 mg of Horny Goat Weed. Just more tricks and fraud.

C5 do's and don'ts to improve liver function Fake Dr. Holly says the key to weight loss is her liver pill. She loves fake weight loss pills.

She also talks about a magic herb called Long Jack. This is also known as Tongkat Ali and has been around longer than political hacks Nancy Pelosi, Dianne Finestein and Mitch McConnell. It's nothing new. Talking about "Long Jack" is just another opportunity for Fake Doctor Holly to lie to you with smoke and mirrors. I could write 10 more pages on this fraud - but I think you have the picture. This product is a total scam that gives the entire supplement industry a black eye.

Bottom Line:

Scam from a group of seasoned con men that are experts at ripping consumers off with their big frauds. Stay away.

Green Lumber product scam

Green Lumber

FDA found drugs in their pills ... And now they're LOADED again!

This is a dirty product. It was pulled off the market by the FDA once already for containing illegal drugs. Our recent lab test showed it is still laced with dangerous drugs. No man should take this as it could be DEADLY to some men.

The crooks behind this company tried to pretend they didn't know the pills were laced and blamed it on a supplier. Now, however, it is so obvious it is laced again that their BS excuse of "not knowing the pills are laced" won't cut it.

Many people have been sentenced to prison terms for this exact thing - selling male enhancement pills that are laced with analogues of Sildenafil or Tadalafil or Vardenafil or any of the other ED chemicals.

actor Hassan Omar actor Hassan Omar

These pills are dangerous, and I predict the owner is going to end up going to prison for this dangerous scam. And look at who their fake testimonial is from - none other than actor Hassan Omar - this guys is in three different ads for three different ED pill scams! You can also see him on this page as a paid stooge for Blood Flow 7 and The Alpha Tonic! Just another reason to pass on this Green Lumber junk.

FDA document - Green Lumber contains hidden drug ingredient BUSTED! Green Lumber has already been caught once lacing their pills with dangerous illegal ingredients.

Bottom Line:

Avoid at all costs - this crap could kill you!

HeSurge product scam


Another classic scam!

The easy way to know this bottle of worthless powder is a scam is to look the the guy who they identify on their website and in their video as Dr. Prinston.

He is supposedly a urologist in Santa Monica, CA. But of course it's all just a big fat lie!

Fiverr actor luis Fiverr actor luis

Louis Acevado is the actor pretending to be Dr. Prinston. Look at the photos here below showing all kind of other times he has pretended to be a doctor or a happy customer. He has been the paid shill for such products as Vital Prostate, Prosta Stream, Prosta Thrive and tons of other male enhancement scams.

Fiverr actor luis Fiverr actor luis

Bottom Line:

This company is run by con men. Total pieces of shit! Don't spend a penny on this worthless nonsense.

Insta Hard product scam

Insta Hard

The Greatest Scam Show on Earth!

These guys could be heading to prison for a long time. That's what smart money says. The crooks behind this mega fraud are being referred to as the new Steve Warshak. Warshak is the guy behind the Enzyte penis pill scam featuring the memorable character Smilin' Bob in their TV ads. Warshak was sentenced to 25 years in federal prison. (See the Enzyte review on this page.) But Warshak's scam was not even as bad as the crooks behind this Insta Hard nonsense.

Julian Epstein and Andrew Contreras are the two sleaze balls who run this fraud along with their other frauds Endo Pump, Tupi Tea and the bogus prostate pill Gorilla Flow.

They also prey on little old ladies and deeply religious people with their made-up "Christian Offerings" like The Exodus Effect. It's a guide they sell, which they claim contains lost pages of the Bible that only they have in which there's are all kinds of secret formulas ... formulas to end cancer, Alzheimer's, blindness and every other disease you can think of. In addition to curing every major illness and disease, they claim these magical new pages of the Bible also reveal the secret formula of how to live to be 200 years old. They sell the guide to little old ladies for $67, then whack them each month with a high monthly fee until the little old ladies call and ask them to stop taking their money. It doesn't get any scummier than this.

The two have teamed up with a dirtbag doctor in Puerto Rico named Lionel Shub to act as the front man for their various fake products and schemes. Shub is presented to the public as the doctor for the FBI - as if he were the sole medical doctor for the FBI. The FBI agent who researched this for me shows no record of Shub -they never heard of him. So the reality is probably some FBI agent on vacation in Puerto Rico got hurt falling off a jet ski or something and stumbled into the ER one night because there was nowhere else to go, and Shub was on call and helped him.

The pills - which lab reports confirm are literally just powder (with no potent ingredients) in a bottle. They are made by a company called Jet Pack Shipping - a sleazy operation based in Akron, Ohio. Jet Pack and its owner Ash Abbas, has already had run-ins with the FTC over several other pill frauds he was behind. Tons of these fraud products here in this review are made by Abbas, who actively participates and benefits from these scams. Jet Pack is often referred to in the industry as the Supplement Scam Headquarters because they are involved in so many supplement scams.

Contreras and Epstein are so sleazy and crooked that American Express won't do business with them. You can't buy any of their pills with an American Express credit card because even American Express knows they are running an illegal operation. The fraud twins were forced to run to ClickBank - a scummy affiliate marketing company that serves as a front for a wide array of fraudulent supplement offers like Insta Hard to provide billing services for them - including their latest scam, a ludicrous male enhancement product called - Tupi Tea - reviewed here on this page.

Like all the other crooks in this industry, they also never bother to trademark any of their products. What does that tell you? That they have no intention of the product being around long because it's a scam - and they want to keep their identity hidden as much as possible. Contreras actually moved out of America and is hiding out in Columbia now. He moved out of the country so the FEDS will have a tougher time grabbing him when the time comes.

Insta Hard is sold via a long BS video that is just one huge lie after another - it's a "lie-a-thon" that will get these guys some serious prison time someday. The fraudulent video makes the claim that Harvard is behind the science. They are not. They get Harvard's name into the video by misrepresenting the credentials of Dr. Edward Group. Dr. Group attended a management program at Harvard six years ago. He is not connected to Harvard in any kind of way medically. But these two dirtballs used Dr Group's name and distorted his credentials to say Harvard is behind the Insta Hard formula.

Dr. Group has zero connection to this scam. He is a well-respected, well-known, natural health doctor with an excellent reputation - and the Insta Hard crooks use his name to lie to you about their bogus pills being validated by Harvard. They also misrepresent research done by Chris Killiam, another well-known and highly respected natural products researcher and author. Chris also told me he, too, has no connection to these creeps or any of their worthless products.

The lie-filled Insta Hard "lie-a-thon" video goes to great lengths to say their formula and the ingredients in the formula are the most powerful ever recorded - while the lab report shows it got ZEROS across the board in the laboratory ingredient testing.

The video tells the ludicrous story of a marriage counselor named Bill Grant and how he managed to find a miracle male enhancement formula to change the world. But of course, there is no Bill Grant. It's all written and made up by these two creeps who would throw their grandmother under a bus if it would make them some money. The testimonials they offer in the video are also a lie. The claim of making your penis 15% larger is, of course, total nonsense. Their entire business is one giant lie that you should avoid at all costs.

Bottom Line:

Should have been called Insta Scam. Worthless pills. The crooks behind this fraud are headed to the Big House! Try and get your money back now if you bought any of their crap.

Maasalong product scam


Teenage con man swings for the fences

Perhaps the dumbest name for a product we have ever seen. What does it even mean? Who cares because it's just another in a long line of "super frauds" they use long sales videos to tell men some made up story about a "rogue researcher" from Harvard, Stanford or Yale who goes to the beat of a different drummer and "went against the medical industry" to make the discover of the century. It's pure BS. These pills are nothing more than worthless powder in a bottle. In fact, the formula is so weak it wouldn't give a fruit fly a boner.

The con men behind this fraud have stacked Amazon with tons of fake reviews so that it appears that the product is good. It is not. It's dog shit. The lab report confirmed this.

As you will see on the lab reports page, it got a perfect score of zero point zero ... just like our beloved Bluto Blutarsky in Animal House ... Zero point Zero.

A bottle of this worthless snake oil is cheap - under $25 a bottle. The cost to make a bottle is peanuts because the ingredients are little more than tomato powder, so they price it low, hoping to get suckers to go for the low bottle price. The company behind this joke of a product calls themselves Justified Laboratories. They want you to think they are some big legitimate "pharma" or "science lab"... but it's all BS. They hide behind a mail drop in a strip mall in Texas, and it's run by a 19-year-old punk kid named Cletus Redenbacher. He runs this scam out of his parent's house.

Bottom Line:

Everything in Texas is BIG ... including this BIG Scam.

Naturally Huge product scam

Naturally Huge

Ron Jeremy's only winner

This is decent product with all kinds of marketing hype making it sound like the second coming of Tom Brady and Joe Montana wrapped in to one. It is not.

From the colorful name "Naturally Huge" to it's slew of porn star endorsements from guys like Ron Jeremy and a few others from the "Long Schlong Hall of Fame", this pill once saturated the porn sites around the world. It apparently is still out there and has a loyal following.

The formula was solid, and the lab test score was good too - but the formula is outdated. It relied to heavily on increasing testosterone and paid very little attention to increasing nitric oxide production. So while it is a decent testosterone booster - it's silly to take this product when TestroDrene is one the market. The different between the two pills is night and day.

Bottom Line:

Ad an erection booster - it's day is long gone too - any of the Top 6 pills here on our rankings blow this formula out of the water. This decent formula needs a serious update if it wants to enter the discussion as being among the best in the world - as this once was like 15 years ago.

Red Boost product scam

Red Boost

Barnyard pimp! Chicken feed in a scoop

Another "Crash and Burn" male enhancement mega scam brought to you by a pair of seasoned crooks known as the "Boner Meds Madmen" in the industry. Their names are Joe Lavado and Lenny Ott. These two crooks have started and stopped so many supplement scams they make bitcoin scammer Sam Bankman-Fried look like a petty pickpocket.

Like so many of the super scams, they use a long video to pitch you their web of lies. This one is a doozy.

It's the fake story of a guy supposed to be named John Remington from Mesa, Arizona. John had ED problems, learns his wife is about to go on a business trip with Stefano, the office "Italian Stallion" and get her lights banged out.

So John tried everything to get his boners back before his wife headed to Mexico with the office stud. First, John tried Viagra, and he didn't like the side effects. Then he tried herbal pills from GNC, and they didn't work.

Advertisement Banner - men try this you will never have trouble getting started again Advertisement Banner - suffering from ed this easy trick will help you try this at home
Advertisement Banner - men try this you will never have trouble getting started again Advertisement Banner - suffering from ed this easy trick will help you try this at home Ads featuring sexy women are used to lure men into the Red Boost scam.

Then, while on a company outing in Las Vegas, he met 75-year-old Tom, and his 40-something-year-old wife Wendy. Wendy was from China, and of course, she knew of some "Ancient Chinese Secret Herbal Concoction" that allowed Tom to bang her like drum every day. And Wendy gave John the secret formula. The formula worked! John was able to bang his wife again, and she canceled her business trip with Stefano - John saved his marriage, got his boners back, and is now giving this secret formula to the masses.

It's all total nonsense. Every single word is a lie. But the fact that this is a pure fraud hasn't stopped them from advertising all over the internet. You see their ads everywhere. And they always use dozens of false studies from places like Harvard, UCLA and Stanford all over their website and video to lie to you as much as possible. John Remington is actually an actor named Alexey Kuznetsov. All of the scientific references are fake - they just made them all up - total fraud.

The lab report results that came back on Red Boost were no surprise. The test results show this jar of powder is worthless. Basically, it's a jar of tomato powder dust. It will not help any man improve his sex life - even if you swallowed the entire jar at once - it won't do a darn thing.

Actor Alexey Kuznetsov Actor Alexey Kuznetsov

Bottom Line:

Perhaps the single biggest supplement fraud in America today. If you bought this garbage - it's not your fault. They are highly skilled conmen who have stolen millions and tricked even the smartest, most highly-educated men in the world. Avoid this scam like it's a bottle of poison.

Tupi Tea product scam

Tupi Tea

Think ... Mini Me playing in the NBA - it's absurd

Another scam from the con men behind such frauds as Insta Hard and Endo Pump. This "tea" is supposedly some crap passed down by some sacred warriors who used to bang all the women in their village over in the Amazon jungle. It's all just a made up story - with a plot that sounds like an episode of Scooby Doo - there is literally a secret formula that appears out of nowhere - found by Old Man Willingham in a secret room in a light house - comical.

former FBI doctor exposes bogus dick pill industry

The pills are made at Jet Packing Shipping in Tallamadge, Ohio - right next to Akron. This company cranks out more bogus supplements than anyone else in America. In fact, Jet Pack was part of a $27 million dollar scam shut down by the FTC for selling fake and bogus "brain pills" and Alzheimer's prevention pills that were all BS.

The con men behind this fraud and others is Andrew Contreras who hides out in Columbia and his partner in crime Julian Reyes Epstein who hides out in Puerto Rico. Everything these guys sell is dog shit with slick marketing.

Bottom Line:

Tupi Tea won't won't do anything for you.

Volume product scam

Volume from Primal Labs

Nonesense from Norway

This "jar of goo", as industry insiders call it, is little more than a marketing gimmick. It's not a pill. It's not a powder. It's a glass jar that looks and feels just like a jar of honey. Same look, texture and feel. But sadly, the results this "bedroom goo" produces are a DUD! In fact, you might be better off taking a giant tablespoon of honey because this nonsense won't make your little buddy stand at attention like you want.

The company behind this, Primal Herbs, is based in the Netherlands. The package arrives via Federal Express. A bottle costs $51.

They advertise heavily on Facebook, and their ads are very serious, professional and convincing.

However, this honey-like mixture (in fact, it contains "flower honey" along with a sprinkling of herbs and Siberian and American Ginseng) might give you a bit of energy, but it won't give you the bedroom boost you are looking for.

Bottom Line:

Gimmick from Europe that is big on hype and fluff but tiny on bedroom results.

Chris Hansen the blue pill insider magazine chart

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